VG-99: Setting Sensitivity

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Setting the sensitivity for the divided pickup is crucial for optimum playing results. Use the following steps to adjust the pickup sensitivity in the VG-99:

1. Press the SYSTEM button.

2. Press the PAGE left or right buttons to select page one.

3. Press the F3 button (GK).

4. Press PAGE left or right to select page 2.

5. Press F1 repeatedly to select the type of pickup that you have - GK-3, GK-2A, PIEZO.

6. Press PAGE right twice to select page 4.

7. Play the high E string repeatedly with moderate force.

8. Turn the F1 knob while playing the string to adjust the sensitivity value so the box appears at the right side of the display.

9. Adjust the sensitivity for each of the remaining strings using the F2-F6 knobs.

Tip: For additional details about further adjustment of the GK settings, refer to pages 21and 22 in the VG-99 manual.

10. Press EXIT twice when you're finished.