TD-10: How to find the original 50 TD-10 kits after the TDW-1 install

Tags: td-10
After installing the TDW-1 expansion card into a TD-10, the original 50 factory
kits are no longer visible. This is because there are only 50 locations to
store kits and the TDW-1 installs 50 new kits of its own into those 50
locations. There are now a total of 100 kits to choose from; however, only 50
can be available for use at a time. Use the following procedure to locate and
copy original TD-10 kits back into the user locations:

1) From the main menu, press TOOLS.
2) Press F1 (Under the word "COPY") .
3) Turn the VALUE dial counter clockwise to select a kit. This will scroll
through the TDW-1 kits (50 down to 1) and then the TD-10 kits (50 down to 1).
4) Press the DOWN CURSOR button to highlight the USER location.
5) Use the VALUE dial to select the correct user location number that you want
to copy your new selected kit to.
6) Press F4 twice.
7) Press EXIT to return to the main menu and select your new kit.