FP-7F: Using Octave Shift in DUAL or SPLIT Mode


When you use two sounds simultaneously in either Dual Mode or Split Mode it may sometimes be useful to shift the LOWER part by an octave. For example, in a piano and bass split, you may need to raise or lower bass sound by an octave to put it in the proper range for playing a walking bass line. Use the following procedure to set the Octave Shift amount:

1. Select either DUAL PLAY or SPLIT PLAY.

2. Press the FUNCTION button so it is lit.

3. Use the + / - buttons to select "Octave Shift" and press the flashing PIANO button.

4. Use the + / - buttons to set the Octave Shift amount.

NOTE: The Octave Shift can be set from -2 octaves to +2 octaves in 1 octave increments.

5. Press FUNCTION to return to the main menu.

NOTE: If you wish to keep your settings, be sure to save them in a Registration.