EM-25, EM-15: Using External MIDI To Trigger The Arranger

Tags: nta,em-25,em-15
It is possible to control the arranger function from an external MIDI device. The Note-To-Arranger (NTA) Channel is set to MIDI Channel 14. By default, this function is turned on.

Use the following procedure to check the status of the NTA function:

1. Press FUNCTION to place the CURSOR next to the FUNCTION icon.

2. Use the FAMILY CURSORS to select MIDI in the display.

3. Use the SELECT CURSORS to select NTA Rx14.

4. Use the TEMPO/YES/NO CURSORS to select ON or OFF.

5. Press TONE so it is lit to exit.

NOTE: The NTA ON or OFF setting will be remembered even after the keyboard is turned off.

NOTE: The external MIDI device you are using needs to be set to transmit on MIDI Channel 14.