XP-80, XP-60: Saving a Song to Disk

Tags: xp-80,xp-60
Use the following procedure to save a song to disk:

1) Insert a disk into the floppy drive.
2) Press DISK (if you have already formatted the disk to the XP-80, skip to
step #6).

NOTE: Formatting the disk will erase any information that is currently on that

3) Press F3 [Format] and press ENTER.
4) Press F6 [Execute] when the "Disk Format" display appears.
5) Press EXIT when formatting is complete.
6) Press F2 [Save] and press ENTER.
7) Use the CURSOR buttons to select "File Type".
8) Use the VALUE DIAL to select "Song".
9) Use the CURSOR buttons to select "Save Mode".
10) Use the VALUE dial to select "Song+Sound".

NOTE: It is very important to save the sound settings with the songs. This
automatically loads the correct sounds with the song when it is loaded from

11) Press F6 [Execute].
12) Press EXIT twice to return to the SEQUENCER SONG PLAY screen.