FR-8X: How to layer sounds

Tags: v-accordion,layering,fr-8x,how to layer sounds

One of the coolest new features of the FR-8X is its ability to layer sounds in real time.  With the past models of the Roland V-accordion, you had to program a set in order to have multiple sounds in the right hand at one time.  Now, you just touch two buttons at the same time!

To layer a sound, simply press the buttons corresponding to the sounds you want layered at the same time.  For example, if you want an accordion sound and the orchestral 1 sound layered, you press those buttons together at the same time.  A steady blue light will shine by each patch button to assure you that they are layered (Panel shot).  

Also new with the FR-8X is the ability to layer up to 3 sounds.  To layer 3 sounds, press all 3 patch buttons that correspond to the sounds you want layered, just like when you layer 2 sounds.  The various combinations of layered sounds you can create include: accordion + orchestra 1, accordion + orchestra 2, accordion + orchestra 1 + orchestra 2, orchestra 1 + orchestra 2, accordion + organ, accordion + organ + orchestra 2, and orchestra 2 + organ (Computer screen shot of these combos listed as I read them?).

This process works the same way with the sounds in the left hand.  The Bass & Chord button will turn on the accordion sounds, the orchestra bass button will turn on the orchestra sounds in the bass buttons, and the orchestra chord/Free bass will turn on the orchestra sounds in the chord buttons.  You can layer orchestra and accordion sounds in the left hand the same way, pressing 2 or 3 buttons at the same time to layer them.