R-05, R-09HR, R-09: Connecting an External Audio Device or Mixer for Recording

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When recording audio from an external audio device or mixer, you'll connect the stereo audio outputs (left and right) of the device into the LINE IN of the R-05, R-09HR or R-09. This will most likely require audio adapter cables that you can purchase from a musical instrument or electronic store (e.g. Radio Shack). When connecting to the LINE IN of the R-05, R-09HR or R-09, the internal mics are automatically disengaged (turned off).

Note: The R-05, R-09HR or R-09's LINE IN jacks are stereo only so you must connect both the left and right output of the external audio device.

The following are common adapter cables that would be used based on the type of audio outputs the external audio device has:

  • Device with 1/4" outputs 
    Adapter cable needed: Dual 1/4" mono to 1/8" stereo mini

  • Device with XLR outputs
    Adapter cable needed: Dual XLR female to 1/8" stereo mini male

  • Device with RCA outputs
    Adapter cable needed: Dual RCA to 1/8" stereo mini


Recording Audio from the External Device

  1. Turn up the volume to the external audio device.
  2. Press the red Record button on the R-05, R-09HR or R-09 so that it flashes red.
  3. Begin sending or playing audio from the external audio device.
    For example: if an audio mixer with microphones is connected, begin singing or playing into the microphones; if an audio player (such as an iPod) is connected, begin playing the music from the audio player.
  4. Use the INPUT + and - buttons to adjust the input level on the screen so that the audio source averages between "12" and "6" on the meter.

  5. Press the REC button a second time to begin recording.
  6. Press STOP to stop recording.
  7. Press PLAY to hear the recording.

    The R-05 and R-09 do not include installed speakers. Headphones or speakers will need to be connected to hear recording.