RD-700GX, RD-700GXF: Assigning Modulation To A Footswitch

Tags: rd-700gx,rotary,rd-700gxf,modulation
Use the following procedure to assign Modulation to a footswitch or foot pedal (such as a DP-2, DP-8 or DP-10)connected to the RD-700GX:

1. Connect a pedal to the FC1 jack on the back of the keyboard.

2. If using a DP-8 or DP-10, set the selector on the side of the pedal to the "SWITCH" position.

3. On the RD-700GX, press EDIT so it is lit.

4. Use the UP/DOWN CURSOR buttons to select "0.SYSTEM"

5. Press ENTER.

6. Use the LEFT CURSOR to select the first SYSTEM page.

7. Use the DOWN CURSOR to highlight "Pedal Mode: SETUP"

8. Turn the DIAL to select "SYSTEM PEDAL SETTING"

9. Press F2/ZONE INFO to display "SYSTEM PEDAL"

10. Turn the DIAL to set the FC1 value to "CC01: MODULATION"

11. Press F1/TONE INFO to display "Are You Sure?"

12. Press ENTER to display "Executing..."

Your foot pedal will now activate the same function as the modulation paddle on the left hand side of the RD-700GX. For instance, if you select TW-Organ 1, stepping on the pedal will speed up or slow down the Rotary Speaker.