VS-1680: DC Cut

Tags: vs-1680
When DC Cut is turned "On," any direct current offset on the mix bus will be
removed before output.

For example, in some cases, the level meters of a device (mixer etc.) connected
to the output of the VS-1680 may move even though no sound is being output.
This is caused by a direct current offset on the mix bus (MASTER output,
etc.). This component can be removed.

1) Press [PLAY (DISPLAY)].
2) Hold down [SHIFT] and press [F6 (SYSTEM)].
3) Make sure that the System menu is displayed. If not, press [F6 (EXIT)].
4) Press [PAGE] so that [F2] indicates "GLOBL," and then press [F6 (GLOBL)].
5) Use the Cursor buttons to move the cursor to "DC Cut," and use the
TIME/VALUE dial to make the setting. If "DC Cut" is not shown, press [F2
6) Press [PLAY (DISPLAY)].