JV-1080: Editing Patches

Tags: wave,jv-1080,tone,parameter,palette
Use the following procedure to edit a Patch:

1. Press PATCH.

2. Notice that there are four Tone Switch buttons under the display. Any tone(s) that are lit are active in the selected patch. To enable or disable a tone, press its Tone Switch button so it is lit or not lit.

3. Make sure that the Tone Select button is lit to correspond to an active Tone; otherwise, you will not be able to hear any edits that you make.

4. Press PARAMETER—you are now in Edit Mode.

5. Press WAVE (written in orange); this will show you the waveform being used for the selected tone. Notice the arrow in the display; this indicates that you can access more wave parameters by using CURSOR UP or DOWN.

6. All other patch parameters are accessed by pressing a corresponding button (i.e. COMMON, EFFECTS, CONTROL, etc).

7. You can press the PALETTE button at any time to view the selected parameter setting for all four tones simultaneously.