MV-8800: Using the MV-8800 with the Fantom-G Keyboard Workstation

Tags: mv-8800,fantom-g6,fantom-g7,fantom-g8

You can connect the MV-8000 to a Fantom-G series Workstation Keyboard to create a great recording setup that combines the sounds and keyboard of the Fantom-G with the recording style and power of the MV-8000.


MIDI Setup

1. Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT of the Fantom-G to the MIDI IN of the MV-8000. Connect another MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT A of the MV-8000 to the MIDI IN of the Fantom-G.


Audio Setup

Using 1/4" cables, connect the OUTPUT A (MIX) outputs on the Fantom-G to the L and R MIC/LINE inputs on the MV-8000. Turn up the L and R SENS knobs to blend the Fantom's sound with the MV-8000. This setup allows you to not only monitor the Fantom-G, but also record it to audio tracks if you like.


On The Fantom-G:

  1. Press MENU, then press F2 (System).
  2. Press F1 /F2 to select the Sound page, then use the Value Dial to set the "Local Switch" setting to Off.
  3. Press F2 to select the MIDI page. Turn "Transmit Program Change", "Transmit Bank Select", "Soft Thru", and "Remote Keyboard Switch" off.
  4. Press F7 (System Write) to save your settings.
  5. Press STUDIO so it is lit.
  6. Press F3 (Part View). A list of sixteen instruments will appear.
  7. Highlight the first instrument and press ENTER. The Patch List will appear.
  8. Select the desired Patch or Rhythm Kit and press ENTER to return to the Part View screen.


On The MV-8000:

  1. From the main Song or Pattern screen, CURSOR UP or DOWN to select any MIDI track.
  2. Press F2 (Track Param). Turn "Output Assign" off.
  3. In the "MIDI" field, select the desired Fantom part. Select A-1 to transmit notes to the patch or rhythm kit selected in step 8 in the above section. Select A-2 to transmit notes to part 2, A-13 to transmit notes to part 13, and so on.


You can now create more MIDI tracks on the MV-8000 and play back up to 16 different sounds (on MIDI channels A1-A16) in the Fantom-G. This is addition to the 16 parts and the 10 Audio Tracks available in the MV-8000 itself.