DR-880: Saving Instrument Edits in a User Kit

Tags: dr-880
Any of the Kits in the DR-880 can be edited to your liking. Anytime you make any changes to a kit, you want to make sure to save (write) the settings, otherwise the changes you've made will return to their original settings as soon as you select a different Kit. There are 100 User Kit locations to write to in the DR-880. Use the following steps to save custom settings of a Kit:

1. Once you've finished editing a desired Kit, press the EDIT button.

2. Press the CURSOR right or left button to select the "KIT" icon.

3. Press ENTER.

4. Use the CURSOR down, left, and right buttons to select "WRITE."

5. Press ENTER.

6. Turn the VALUE dial to select a USER location to save the Kit to. -(U001-U100).

7. Press ENTER. "Now Writing" shows in the display.

The new settings are now stored into the Kit you chose in Step 6.