VS-2000CD: Connecting a P/S-2 Mouse and Keyboard

Tags: vs-2000cd
There is only one P/S-2 connector on the back of the VS-2000CD. Therefore, if you would like to connect a mouse and a keyboard you would a P/S-2 "Y" cable. This cable has a total of three connectors; one male and two females. This allows you to connect both devices and channel it into one P/S-2 port. When connecting the cable to the two devices, make sure to plug the mouse into the mouse end of the "Y" cable and the keyboard into the keyboard end of the cable. It should be labeled with an icon on the cable itself.

Now turn on the keyboard and the mouse:

1. Hold down the SHIFT button and press F1[UTILITY}.
2. Highlight "System" and press the ENTER[YES] button.
3. Press F3[Param3].
4. Cursor to the mouse box and turn the dial to select "On".
5. Cursor to the keyboard box and turn the dial to select "On". Press DISPLAY[HOME] to return to main screen.