BR-1200CD, BR-1200: Checking the System Version

Tags: system,update,firmware,version

The following steps will guide you through viewing the current version of your BR-1200CD's operating system:

  1. Power off the BR-1200CD.
  2. Press and hold the UNDO/REDO button as well as the record button (KICK 1/2) beneath Track 1.
  3. While holding these two button down, turn on the BR-1200CD.
  4. After "TEST MODE: 1 DEVICE" appears on the screen, you may release the UNDO/REDO and Track 1 button.
  5. The current system version will appear after "ROM:".
  6. Power off the BR-1200CD.

If your BR-1200CD needs to be updated, you may download and install the latest version here:

Note: Install instructions are included with the download.