VS-1680: Song Recover from a backup CD?

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When you perform a CD-R recover, you are copying the DATA off the BACK-UP CD exactly as it was when you did the backup. This is a complete copy of your entire song including all audio tracks, mixer settings, and Scenes.

1- Hold SHIFT and press F6 ( UTILITY )

2- Press the PAGE button to get to page-2 & press

3- Use the TIME/VALUE dial to highlight a song you wish to
recover and press F3 (MARK) to select a song to
recover. You can highlight and MARK additional song
or press F2 to mark All songs to recover.

If your backup disk had a file size that required
multiple CD's, just follow the prompts on which disks
to insert. It is best to only select around 3 songs
to backup per CD or under 700 MB worth of material to
avoid backing up to a series of CD’s.

4- You can set the CD SPEED to the maximum number without
altering the quality of the data.

5- Press F5 ( EXECUTE )& follow prompts to begin the
recover process.