XV-88: Selecting Performances

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Use performances to create layers, splits, or other complex combinations of up
to 16 patches and rhythm sets, and for using the XV-88 with a multitrack
sequencer. Here’s how to select a performance:

1. Press PERFORM.
2. Turn the VALUE dial to select the desired performance.

Try out the following performances:
USER: 01 Andreas Cave (layered patches)
USER: 02 XV Piano&Bs (2-way split)
USER: 11 Humanizer (cool effects)
USER: 17 SuiteCombo+ (4-way split)

The above performances are set up for live-performance applications. If you’re
connecting the XV-88 to a sequencer, check out these performances:

PR-A: 04 SEQ: Fusion
PR-A: 03 SEQ: FunkRock
PR-A: 17 SEQ: World

Note: These performances (and the entire Preset A bank) are optimized for
sequencing. They have all 16 MIDI channels turned on and patches assigned to
them. For more information on using Performance mode, see Pages 35-60 in the
XV-88 Owner's Manual. When sequencing, you may also need to adjust the XV-88’s
Local On/Off parameter - see Pages 169-170 in the XV-88 Owner’s Manual to learn
about this parameter.