DR-670: Adjusting the Beat Value of a User Pattern (Time Signature)

Tags: dr-670
In the DR-670, the time signature of a pattern is referred to as "Beat". Use the following steps to adjust the Beat of a User pattern.

1. Select a USER pattern (201-400).

2. Hold SHIFT and press PAD 6[PATTERN EDIT] to enter pattern edit mode.

3. Hold SHIFT and press KEYPAD 9[BEAT].

4. While continuing to hold SHIFT, release KEYPAD 9[BEAT] and then turn the TEMPO/VALUE dial to select the desired beat setting- i.e. 3/4, 4/4, 5/8 etc...

5. When finished, release SHIFT, then return to Pattern Play mode by holding SHIFT and pressing PAD 5[PATTERN PLAY]. The new Beat setting is stored automatically.