VS-2000CD: How do I "Loop" a track?

Tags: track,looping,copy,vs-2000cd
To "loop" a track you will actually be copying a track. Track Copy allows you to copy a whole track, or a specific part of the track (called a Region), and paste it to itself multiple times .

To "loop" a track use the following procedure:

1. Go to the beginning of the section of music that you want to copy. Press IN. (The FROM button will also light up.)

2. Advance to the end of the region that you want to copy. Press OUT.

3. Press TO.

4. Hold down SHIFT and press the F2 button for the TRACK menu or click on TRACK from the VGA monitor.

5. Press F1 [COPY] to get to the region copy screen or click on REGION COPY from the VGA screen.

6. CURSOR to 'Times' and use the TIME/VALUE wheel to select the number of times for the audio to be repeated.

7. Press the flashing CH EDIT for each track that you want to copy so that it turns solid orange in color.

8. Press F5 or click on OK.

8) Press F6 to EXIT.