VK-7: Using all 64 presets

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The VK-7 has 64 Organ presets. From the factory, only 16 are available for selection. The Edit Mode setting (Bank Function) lets you specify the number of Organ Presets that will be available for use, either 16 or 64. From the factory, if you press the Bank button you alternate between Bank one or Bank two, each having eight Presets. This is the Alternative Mode. By changing this to Expand Mode you can select any bank; eight are available. Use the following procedure to change between these two modes:

1 Press EDIT. (All eight Organ Preset buttons will blink)

2 Press SYSTEM BASIC button #1.

3 Use the ARROW buttons to scroll to BANK FUNCTION.

4 Use the plus or minus buttons to select Alternative or

5 Press EXIT to escape.

NOTE: Now you can press the Bank button, then any of the eight Bank numbers (1-8).