G-1000: Performance Song Recall

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A G-1000 Performance Memory can recall all desired keyboard settings, plus
automatically load a Standard MIDI File (SMF). Use the following procedure to
link a Standard MIDI File to a Performance Memory:

1) From the Master page, press F2 [Param].
2) Press F1 [Glbal].
3) Use the PAGE [^ / v] buttons to select page #6 [Performance Song Recall].
4) Press M BASS [RECALL] to display "ON."
5) Press UPPER 2 [DISK LIST] to display the Disk List menu.
6) If necessary, press F4 [Dvice] to select the disk that contains the
desired SMF, then return to the Disk List menu.
7) Use the BASS BANK knob to select a song title.
8) Press UPPER 2 [CAPTURE].
9) Press F5 [Exit] to return to the Master page.
10) Save your setting to the desired Performance Memory.

NOTE: It is important to remember that the above procedure creates a link
between a Performance Memory and a SMF located on a disk; the SMF itself is not
written into the Performance Memory. Since this is the case, the disk that
contains the SMF must be inserted in the G-1000 for the Performance Song Recall
function to work properly.