LVC-1N Compatible Products

Tags: em-2000,g-1000,g-600,kr-575,g-800,ra-800,kr-577,kr-977,kr-1077,e-600,e-300,va-5,va-7,va-76,kr-570,e-500,kr-7,kr-5,e-96,mt-300s,kr-377,kr-177,kr-375,kr-3,kr-277,kf-90,hpi-5,hp-555g,kr-770,kr-103,kr-1070,lvc-1,e-68,hp-550g,kr-557
The LVC-1N is currently compatible with the following Roland products:

- E-68 (even though lyrics won? be displayed on the E-68 display, they are transmitted via MIDI)
- E-96
- E-300, E-500, E-600
- HP-550G, HP-555G, HPi-5
- G-600, G-800, G-1000, EM-2000
- RA-800
- KR-570 and 770 (when Flash ROM is upgraded for this via disk)
- KR-1070
- KR-375, KR-575, MT-300s
- KR-177, KR-277, KR-377, KR-557, KR-577, KR-777, KR-977, KR-1077
- KR-3, KR-5, KR-7
- KF-90
- VA-5, VA-7, VA-76

Note: The LVC-1N can only be connected to compatible Roland products. Roland products that are compatible with the LVC-1N convert the lyric data contained in a Standard MIDI File into system exclusive messages that can be read by the LVC-1N.