PW-10: Working with the Drive and Noise Suppressor

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Along with the variety of different wah types, the PW-10 also has 8 distortion models and a built-in noise suppressor. Use the following steps to select different distortion and noise suppressor settings, and then store them into memory:

1. Turn off the PW-10's power and turn down the volume on your guitar amp.

2. Turn the TYPE knob to select "ADVANCED."

3. Press and hold the MANUAL/MEMORY button and switch on the PW-10's power.
Note: If using battery power, connect the guitar cable to the INPUT of the PW-10. If using the PSA-120 power supply, connect it to the DC input on the PW-10.
Once the power is on, the On/OFF indicator will flash briefly, then light up solid.


5. Turn up the volume on your guitar amp.

6. Turn the TYPE knob to select one of the 8 DRIVE types.
Tip: You can find a chart with the different DRIVE types printed on the underside of the PW-10.

7. Turn the WAH RANGE knob to adjust the Noise Suppressor threshold level. (Turning the knob clockwise increases the noise suppression).

8. When finished, press the MANUAL/MEMORY button once. (The MEMORY indicator will flash).

8. Turn the DRIVE knob to adjust the volume level as desired.

9. When finished, press the MANUAL/MEMORY button. The MEMORY indicator will flash and the settings are stored into the Manual location.