RM-700 - Shifting the Octave in a Layer or Split


Use the following procedure to shift the octave of individual elements of a layer or a split:

NOTE: To get to the "basic" screen, press the Piano One Touch Program button and then touch the "Basic" icon on the touch screen.

NOTE: These steps assume that you have already created a Layer or a Split.

1. In the "basic" screen, touch the Tone NAME of the "Layer" or "Lower" that you wish to octave shift.

2. Press the corresponding Tone BUTTON of the selected Tone name to display the Tone menu.

3. Touch the "Octave" icon in the lower left corner of the touch screen to display the "Octave Shift" menu.

4. Use the - / + icons to raise or lower the octave shift amount.

NOTE: You can raise or lower the octave by 1 or 2 octaves.

5. Press "OK" when you are finished and the press the Exit button to return to the basic screen.

NOTE: You can repeat these steps to set a different octave setting for each Layer and Lower.