Fantom Series: When I select a sound within a performance, the sounds on other parts change.

Tags: performance,fantom-s,fantom,x6,x7,x8,88,parts

Peformance mode in the Fantom can be used for a variety of functions: Mutitimbral sequencing, layering multiple patches, spliting patches across the keyboard, etc.

When creating a song, you'll typically want to start with one specific performance: Preset 01 - Sequence Template.


2) If the selected performance is in the USER bank, highlight USER and with the VALUE DIAL, switch it to PRST.

3) If necessary, CURSOR right once and turn the VALUE DIAL to select PRST: 01 Seq. Template.

4) Press [F2]- Part View. You may now freely assign any patches or rhythms to any of your 16 parts/tracks.