R-09HR, R-09: Transfering Files From the R-09/R-09HR to a Computer

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1. Turn on the R-09/R-09HR

2. Connect the provided USB cable between the USB connection on the R-09/R-09HR and an avaialable USB connection on your computer.

In a Windows PC, a removable storage device will show up in the My Computer window.

In a Macintosh, a drive will appear on the desktop.

3. Double click on that drive's icon to access your R-09/R-09HR recordings.

4. Drag those files from the removable drive to a location on your computer such as the desktop.

To disconnect the R-09/R-09HR from a Windows PC:

1. Use the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray next to the clock.

2. Click on USB Mass Storage Device and click stop.

3. Remove the USB cable from the computer when the USB Mass Storage Device disappears from the Safely Remove Hardware Wizard.

To disconnect the R-09/R-09HR from a Macintosh.

1. Control click on the drive for the R-09 on the desktop and select "eject".

2. Remove the USB cable from the computer.