RC-50: Auditioning Patches

Tags: preset,play,rc-50
A patch is a collection of phrases along with settings
that determine how they play. The RC-50 contains 99 patches. Patches 1-5 are Preset patches with pre-recorded
phrases you can play along with.

1. Choose how you want to listen to the RC-50:

• Connect headphones to the RC-50’s rear panel PHONES jack, or -
• Connect the RC-50’s rear-panel MAIN OUTPUT jacks to your amp or mixer, or for mono listening, connect only the R(MONO) MAIN OUTPUT jack.

2. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select Patch 2, FUNKY BLUES.

3. Press the PHRASE 1 pedal.

4. Press the REC/PLAY/OVERDUB pedal to play the patch’s first phrase. Turn the MASTER LEVEL knob to adjust the volume as desired.

5. Press the PHRASE 2 pedal. When Phrase 1 finishes playing, Phrase 2 begins to play.

6. Now press the PHRASE 3 pedal—when Phrase 2 finishes, Phrase 3 plays.

7. Once Phrase 3 has played through, it stops automatically. If you’d like to stop playback sooner, press the STOP pedal.