VM-3100: Saving Edited Effects Patches

Tags: vm-3100
The VM-3100 provides 50 preset effects for use. If you would like to edit an
effect and recall the edited effect for use at a later time, you can save the
effect settings to a Scene. To do this, make sure that the Scene parameters
are set to save effect settings. This is done in the Scene preference
settings. Use the following procedure for setting the functions saved in a
Scene in the VM-3100:

1) Press BANK
2) Press F1 [PREF].
3) Press the UP CURSOR to select "ItemSelect".
4) Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT CURSOR to select the parameters to be
reflected in the SCENE recall.
5) Rotate the VALUE dial to place a check mark in the box for the parameters
that you want saved with a Scene:

Fader -- affects the volume settings
Pan -- affects the pan settings
EQ -- affects the equalizer settings
Routing -- affects the input and output routing
Send Level -- affect the send levels to the effects and AUX bus
Effects -- affect the effect settings
Compressor -- affects the compressor settings