D-110: Initializing - Restoring the Factory Settings

Tags: d-110
Original factory data must be loaded in via MIDI or a Memory Card. However there is a memory clearing function that may stop any unusual problems occurring in the unit. (All of the "i" Tones and the Performance Patches will be erased, but all the Multitimbral Timbres will be retained).

1. Power on while holding down WRITE/COPY and ENTER.

You will now need to load the Factory Sounds from an external device such as a sequencer:

1. Press the SYSTEM button and the display will read: SYSTEM / Master Tune=440

2. Press the GROUP UP button until the display reads: SYSTEM / Exclu Unit #=?? (If it does not say [17], press VALUE until it does.)

3. Play the data in from the sequencer. It will not say anything on the display screen, but the MIDI light will go on if the D-110 is receiving data. When the sysex file has completed playing, change to a new patch to confirm that the data has loaded.