ME-50: Connecting to the Effect Send/Return loop of an Amplifier.

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There are some instances where it may be desired to have the ME-50 connected to the Effects SEND and RETURN loop of an Amplifier. Use the following connection set up for this application:

1. Turn the volume down on the amp and make sure the ME-50's power is OFF.

2. Connect one end of the guitar cable to the SEND on the amplifier, and the opposite end to the INPUT on the ME-50.

3. Connect one end of another guitar cable to the RETURN of the amplifier, and the opposite end to the OUTPUT L(MONO) of the ME-50.

4. Now, with another cable, connect the guitar to the front INPUT on the Amp.

5. Turn ON the ME-50.

6. Adjust volume on both the Amp and the ME-50 as desired.