RS-70: Using the Quick Sequencer

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The Quick Sequencer in the RS-70 contains 256 user patterns, numbered from 001-256. The first 128 contain factory patterns that you can replace. Patterns 10-119 contain only rhythms, so they're great starting points for making music. Let's use a preset rhythm, and add a bass part and a piano part.

Choosing a starting point
1. Press PATTERN beneath MODE so it's lit.

2. Use the VALUE -/+ buttons to select a pattern from 10-119.

3. Press > in the QUICK SEQ area to start playback of the pattern.

4. Press TAP TEMPO so it's lit and use the VALUE -/+ buttons to adjust the tempo of the pattern - press EXIT when you're finished.

5. Press Stop.

Recording a bass part
6. Press PART SELECT beneath MODE so it's lit.

7. Press 9 so it's lit, and use the VALUE -/+ buttons to select a bass sound.

8. Press the record button so it's flashing, and then press QUICK SEQ > - both buttons light solidly.

9. Perform the bass part on the keyboard.

Recording a piano part
10. Leave the sequencer running and press the Record button­ so it's flashing, to signify Rehearsal mode.

11. Press 1 so it's lit and use the VALUE -/+ buttons to select a piano sound.

12. You can practice your performance part on the keyboard.

13. Press the Record button­ again, the light stops flashing, and you can now record your part on the keyboard.

14. Press Stop when you're finished.

Saving your pattern
If you wish to keep your pattern, it must be saved before you turn off the RS-70.
1. Press PART SELECT so it's not lit.

2. Press WRITE beneath EDIT so it's lit.

3. Use the VALUE -/+ buttons to select a location to write to. You may want to select Pattern 129-256 as these come empty from the factory.

4. Press ENTER.