Fantom X6, Fantom X8, Fantom X7: How to Sync the Fantom-X to ProTools LE using MIDI Clock.

Tags: midi,slave,clock,sync,fantom,x6,x7,x8,protools
Fantom-X Setup:

1. Press MENU
2. Cursor to SYNC/TEMPO
3. Under SYNC MODE turn dial to SLAVE/MIDI
4. Press F8 (SYSTEM WRITE)
5. Press REC and then press PLAY

The Fantom will now wait until it recives Clock from Protools.

Pro Tools LE Setup:

1. At Toolbar go to Midi Setup
2. Select Midi
3. Select Midi Beat Clock
4. Put a check mark in Enable Midi Beat Clock.
5. Finally, select the Midi interface:example(M-Box)

Starting your song from Prtools will now start the Fantom X.