GT-6: Working with the Noise Suppressor.

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The GT-6 features an on-board Noise Suppressor. Here's how to access it and adjust the parameters:

1. Press the NAME/NS/MASTER button until "Noise Supressor" shows in the display.

2. If necessary turn the VALUE dial to select "ON."

3. Press the PARAMETER right (>) button once to select "Threshold." This value sets a level or "point" to where the suppresion will take place. If a large amount of noise is heard, a higher value of threshold will work better.

4. Turn the VALUE dial to select the desired Noise suppression level.

5. Press PARAMETER right (>) once to select "Release." This adjusts the time from when the suppresion begins to function until the noise level reaches "0".

6. Turn the VALUE dial to adjust the release.

7. When you're finished, press EXIT. If desired, you can save the new settings to a User patch by pressing the WRITE button.