TD-11: Adjusting the Snare Pad Rim Parameters

Tags: trigger,sesnitivity,rimshot,crosstick

It's possible to individually adjust the Rim and X-Stick sensitivity parameters for the snare pad in the TD-11. Doing so allows you to tailor the sensitivity just right to your particular playing style.

Here's how:  

1. Press the MENU button.

2. Press the cursor down button until the "SYSTEM" icon shows in the display.

3. Press the function 3 (F3) button (SYSTEM).

4. Press the cursor up / down buttons to select "Pad Settings."

5. Press F3 (ENTER).

6. Press F2 (BASIC).

7. Press F3 (ADVANCED).

8. Press F2 (RIM).

9. Hit the snare pad.

10. Cursor down to highlight each parameter (Rim Gain, Head/Rim Adjust, XStick Adjust) and then turn the dial to adjust the values as desired.

11. When you're finished, press EXIT. The new settings are saved automatically.