BR-1180CD: Backing up a song to CD?

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Backing up a song on the BR-1180:

1- Place a blank CD-R in the drive.
2- Press the DATA SAVE/LOAD button
3- Cursor to select Backup which is the default
4- Press ENTER/YES to select backup
5- You have a choice of backing up SONGS, User FX or
patterns, or the entire Hard Drive.
6- Cursor to make sure you have SONG selected and
press ENTER/YES.
7- You will see a list of your songs.
8- Cursor to the song you want to select to backup and
turn the dial so that an asterisk ( * ) appears to the
right of the song title.
9- You can select multiple songs to backup by cursoring to
another song and turning the dial to make an asterisk
appear there as well.
10-When you have the songs to backup marked with an
asterisk, cursor to GO and press enter.
11-Answer YES to WRITE SPEED x 8, and YES to Write SURE?
This will produce a DATA CD with your entire song
copied onto CD with all the tracks included.

You must have the BR-1180CD model or CDI-BR-1 installed.