Fantom-S88, Fantom-S: Creating a Split

Tags: fantom-s,fantom-s88
After creating a layer, creating a split is easy. Follow these steps to create a split between Parts 1 and 2.

1. Follow Steps 1-7 of "Layering Two Patches."

2. Press LAYER/SPLIT so it's lit.

3. Press F3 (Key Range).

4. Press CURSOR up or down to select PART 1.

5. Turn the VALUE dial to select C4 in the box below "Lower."

6. Press CURSOR down to select PART 2.

7. Press CURSOR > to highlight the box below "Upper."

8. Turn the VALUE dial to select B3.

9. Play the keyboard to hear the newly created split between PR-B 104 Warm Strings on the left and PR-A 003 Warm Piano on the right.