DIF-AT: Recording 8 Channels of Audio to ADAT

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The DIF-AT is essential for interfacing Roland RMDB2 compatible equipment with
ADAT. Below is a summary of the steps necessary for exchanging or recording
eight channels of audio digitally to ADAT via the DIF-AT:

1) Insert a tape into the ADAT.

NOTE: The ADAT tape must be formatted at 44.1 kHz to be compatible with Roland
RMDB2-compatible equipment.

2) Make the connections for the RMDB2-compatible devices. For information
about settings,
refer to to the documentation for the RMBD2-compatible equipment (Roland
VM-7200; etc.)
3) Press [DIGITAL IN] on the ADAT. The LED will light. All eight channels
will be received via
the ADAT’s fiber optic connection.

NOTE: The analog inputs will be ignored on the ADAT when it is set to record

4) Press [TRACK ENABLE] for the desired track. The track’s RECORD and INPUT
Indicators flash
and you can monitor the audio signals from the RMDB2-compatible device with
the ADAT.
5) Press and hold [RECORD], then press [PLAY] to start recording on the ADAT.