VK-7: Turning MIDI Thru On

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The rear panel has two MIDI In connectors and one MIDI Out connector, but has
no MIDI Thru connector. If necessary you can use the following procedure to
change the MIDI Out connector to function both as a MIDI Out and MIDI Thru:

1) Press the EDIT button (indicators 1-8 will blink).
2) Press the SYSTEM MIDI button to enter Edit Mode (Now only the [2] indicator
will blink).
3) Press the < or > button to select "Soft Thru".
4) Press the < or > button to select the MIDI In connector whose setting you
wish to modify.

NOTE: This will allow you to decide which of the two MIDI In ports will send
it’s data back out the MIDI Out.

5) Press the + or - to modify the setting.
6) Press EXIT to exit the Edit mode.