TD-4KP: Assigning Instruments to the Pads

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Each of the TD-4KP's kits can be edited with different instruments assigned to each pad as desired. 
Here's how to assign instruments to the pads. 

1. Choose a kit to edit.

2. Press MENU so it's lit.

3. Use the SEL buttons to choose "9 OPTIONS."

4. Press the OK button.

5. Use the SEL buttons to choose "Head/Rim Link."

6. Turn the +/- dial to select "OFF."

7. Press OK.

8. Press SEL up to select "1 Instrument."

9. Press OK.

10. Hit the pad, or portion of the pad -(head or rim)- that you'd like to assign a sound to.
Note: The TD-4KP's tom inputs do not produce dual-trigger results. 

11. Turn the +/- dial to select the desired sound. 

12. Repeat Steps 10-11 for any remaining pads.

13. Press MENU when you're finished. The new assignments are saved in the kit automatically.