RD-700NX: Transposing Parts in a Layer or Split

Tags: transpose,rd-700gx,split,layer

The RD-700NX allows you to use up to 4 sounds at a time in a Layer or a Split . Depending on the sounds you select, you may wish to Transpose one or more of the individual sounds. For example, in a piano and bass split, you may need to raise or lower bass sound by an octave to put it in the proper range for playing a walking bass line. Use the following procedure to transpose the parts in a Layer or a Split:

1. After creating a SPLIT or LAYER, press the LAYER EDIT button so it is lit.

2. Use the UP / DOWN CURSOR buttons to select the part you wish to edit.

3. Use the LEFT / RIGHT CURSOR buttons to highlight the "TRA" column.

4. Use the INC / DEC buttons or VALUE DIAL to set the Transpose amount.

NOTE: The transpose range is up to -48 half-steps (4 octaves down) and +48 half-steps (4 octaves up).

NOTE: If you wish to save your settings, be sure to save them to a new USER LIVE SET.