VS-880: Recording from the Digital Input / Input Track Mode

Tags: vs-880,digital,i/o,coaxial,s/p-dif
You can record the digital signals output from CD players, DAT and MD recorders, VS series recorders and other digital audio devices. The VS digital interface conforms to S/P-DIF.

1. Connect the digital coaxial cable from your audio device to the VS-880's digital input.
2. Press the [System] button until "System PRM ?" appears in the display and press [Yes]. MasterClk = INT will be displayed.
3. Turn the Time/Value dial to the right. "Digital In Lock" is displayed. Note: If "Digital In Unlock" Change INT Clock ? appears, check to make sure your sample rates match or check your cable.
4. Press the Select button for the channel(s) you wish to record to.
5. Using the parameter buttons (<>), locate "Channel Link" and with your Time/Value dial, turn it "on".
6. Now parameter all the way left until "Ch Input =" appears in the display.
7. Turn the Time/Value dial to select "Digital".
8. Press Play/Display.
9. Press and hold Record and the Status buttons for the track(s) you wish to record to so they blink red.
10. Press Record and Play to begin recording.

Note: If you do not want to record in stereo, don't Channel Link the tracks you are recording to.
In this case, "Ch Input =" would be "Digital L" (left)or "Digital R" (right) respectively.