VK-7 Selecting Pedal Functions


Use the following procedure to select what functions will be assigned to connected pedals:

NOTE: First connect a pedal to either the CONTROL PEDAL 1 or CONTROL PEDAL 2 socket on the back of the VK-7.

1. Press EDIT so that all the ORGAN PRESETS begin flashing.

2. Press ORGAN PRESET button #1 (SYSTEM BASIC). 

3. Use the LEFT / RIGHT ARROW buttons to select either EXT 1 ASSIGN or EXT 2 ASSIGN (depending on which socket you connected the pedal to).

4. Use the - / + buttons to select and assign the desired function to the pedal.

NOTE: Please see page 92 -93 for a complete list of options.

5. Press EXIT to return to the main menu.

NOTE: The setting is automatically saved to the internal memory.