SI-24, Studio Package Pro, SPP: Controlling the Bus Send level?

Tags: aux,fx,send,eq,effect,studio,package,pro,si-24,spp,bus,knob
When using Logic RPC, you first need to bring up the Track mixer and enable the SEND BUS by clicking on the box under the SEND section of the channel strip and assign it to a BUS 1-4. Then you can press the EQ/SEND button on the SI-24 and use the 9-12 knobs above the faders for value control.

1-Press the EQ/SEND button
2-Press the CH SELECT button for the track that you want to adjust and use the bus SEND knob accordingly:
Pan knob 9 controls bus Send-1
Pan knob 10 controls bus Send-2
Pan knob 11 controls bus Send-3
Pan knob 12 controls bus Send-4
Pan knob 1 controls EQ-1 Gain
Pan knob 2 controls EQ-1 Freq
Pan knob 3 controls EQ-2 Gain
Pan knob 4 controls EQ-2 Freq
Pan knob 5 controls EQ-3 Gain
Pan knob 6 controls EQ-3 Freq
Pan knob 7 controls EQ-4 Gain
Pan knob 8 controls EQ-4 Freq