VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824CD: Recording from a Digital Source?

Tags: vs-1680,vs-1880,digital,in,vs-1824cd,coaxial,optical
You can select to record from either the Optical or Coaxial Input. You will need to set the master clock to accept a digital signal.

1. Connect the Digital Out of your audio source to the DIgital In on the VS recorder. (Optical or Coaxial)

2. Hold SHIFT and press F5 for SYSTEM PRM, press F1 for SYSPM and change DIGITAL IN-1 for Coaxial or DIGITAL IN-2 for Optical. The screen should display "DIGITAL IN LOCK".
(If "Digital In Unlock" appears, press Yes/Enter to return to Internal clock. Verify that the sample rates match and the proper connection has been made, then try again)

3. Route the Digital input to tracks you want to record on.