GP-100: Understanding Algorithms

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The top row of the display screen shows the Patch number and Algorithm name. Algorithms are a collection of effects with the parameters available for each effect. The GP-100 has five algorithms: BASIC, DELAY, HARMONY, VINTAGE and DUAL.

BASIC: A set of effects that are quick and easy to program, including Compressor, Wah, EQ, Noise Suppressor, Harmonist, Delay, Chorus and Reverb.

DELAY: All the effects available in BASIC plus Phase, Flange and a more powerful 4 tap ducking delay.

HARMONY: The BASIC effects with an impressive intelligent pitch-shifter.

VINTAGE: The BASIC effects along with some unique BOSS pedals including Tremolo/Pan, Vibrato, Auto Wah, Slow Gear and Feedbacker.

DUAL: Two chains of effects which include the Preamp along with EQ, Delay, Chorus and Reverb. These chains can be layered, switched or morphed in realtime with a foot pedal or other controller.

••• GP-100 COSM Models* •••

Roland JC-120
Fender Twin
Matchless (Vox AC-30 clone)
Mesa Boogie Lead
Marshall 1959
Peavey 5150 Rhythm
Peavey 5150 Lead

OD-1 Overdrive
OD-2 Turbo Overdrive
DS-1 Distortion
FZ-2 Fuzz pedal

Speaker Cabinets
Small open-back enclosure - 1 x 10"
Open-back enclosure - 1 x 12"
Open-back enclosure - 2 x 12"
Large sealed enclosure - 4 x 12"
Large dual stack - 4 x 12"

Electro Voice RE-20
U-87 condenser mic

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