BR-1180CD, BR-1180: Changing the COSM Effects Insert Position

Tags: effects,insert,br-1180cd,br-1180,cosm
Use the following procedure to change the insertion point of the COSM insert effect processor:

1. Press the EFFECTS/COSM button.

2. Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the "INSERT" parameter.

3. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to change the INSERT position from IN(NORMAL) to IN(REC DRY), TRACK 1-8, 1/2-9/10 or MASTER.

Insert position options:

IN(NORMAL): The sound is monitored and recorded after it passes through the insert effect.

IN(REC DRY): The sound is monitored after it passes through the insert effect but is recorded dry.

TRACK: 1-8, 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9&10:
The insert effect can be applied to the playback of a track or pair of tracks.

MASTER: The insert effect is applied to the mix out effecting all tracks in the entire song.