CD-R/RW Error Messages

Tags: cd,vs-1680,vs-1824,vs-1880,vs-880,vs-880ex,vs-890,error,message,cd-rw
When the "Converting **%" message is present the song data on the hard disk is being converted to a CD-R disc image data file.

"Lack of CD-R Mem" indicates there is insufficient free space on the CD to write the songs.

"Blank Disc" is displayed while trying to perform the CD player function with a disc that has no performance data on it. Insert a commercial CD or CD-RW with material already recorded on it.

"Finalized CD!" appears when an attempt is made to write to a commercial CD or a finalized CD-R disc. Replace the disc with a blank disc or one that has not been finalized.

"No CD-R drive" will be displayed if no CD recorder is connected, the power on the CD recorder is not on, the CD-R drive was powered on after the VS, or the operating system of the VS predates the particular CD burning mechanism being used.

"No Data to Write" is shown when the track(s) selected to write to the CD-R/RW disc contains no song data.

"No Disc" appears when there is no disc in the CD recorder being used. Please insert a disc.

"Not 44.1k Song!" is displayed when the sample rate of the song being burned was not recorded at 44.1kHz, so the data cannot be written to the CD-R/RW disc.

"Obey Copyrights?" asks if you agree to the terms and conditions regarding the reproduction, broadcast, and sale of software. Please carefully read the License Agreement.

"Please Insert CD-R disc!" is shown when either the CD recorder loading tray is still open, there is no CD-R/RW disc loaded, or the CD-R/RW drive is otherwise not ready.

"TOC Read Error!" means an error occurred in reading from the CD-R/RW disc. There is a problem with the Roland CD recorder or the CD-R/RW disc.

"Write Another?" is displayed when writing to the disc is complete. Select whether or not you wish to write the same data to a new disc. Press YES or NO.