VS-880, VS-880EX, VS-890: Assigning the Foot Switch Parameter

Tags: vs-880,vs-880ex,vs-890,assign,footswitch
A useful feature on the VS-880 is the ability to use a footswitch to perform one of several tasks that would normally be done by hand. This allows the user to control selected functions while leaving both hands free to do other things, such as play an instrument while recording. Use the following procedure to assign a function to the footswitch:

1. Press SYSTEM until the "SYS System PRM?" message appears in the display, then press YES.

2. Press the RIGHT PARAMETER button until "SYS Footswitch= " appears in the display. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the desired function, such as: play/stop, record, tap marker, next, previous, and GPI.

3. Press PLAY/DISPLAY to return to the play condition.