FP-3: Splitting The Keyboard

Tags: split,fp-3
The FP-3 allows you to divide the keyboard into two different sections, "upper" and "lower." This is called a "split," with the lower tone under your left hand and the upper tone under the right. Use the following procedure to create a split:

1. Start by selecting the upper tone - the tone button will be lit in amber.

2. Press SPLIT. The upper tone's button remains lit. The red tone-select button shows the currently selected lower sound.

3. To select a new lower tone, press and hold SPLIT and then press the red tone-select button.

4. Let go of SPLIT.

5. Select a new lower tone - its button will light red.

6. To adjust the volume balance between the two tones, press and hold the SONG button and then press SPLIT.

7. Use the + and - buttons to adjust the volume balance between the lower and upper tones.

8. Press the SONG button to return to the previous mode.