XV-5050: Selecting Performances

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A “performance” is any combination of up to 16 patches and rhythm kits, plus effects and MIDI settings. You can use performances to create splits, layers, and also to set up “parts” on separate MIDI channels for sequencing. There are 128 performances in the XV-5050 — 64 presets and 64 that are user-programmable. Let’s try out some cool performances that show what the XV-5050 can do with splits and layers:

1. Use a MIDI cable to connect the MIDI OUT of a MIDI controller to the MIDI IN of the XV-5050.

2. Press PERFORM so it’s lit.

3. Turn the VALUE dial to try out following performances:

• PA:028 PhsDyno&Bs, a split
• PB:004 Voltage Ctrl, a layer
• PB:011 Pad/SqrLd XV, a split
• PB:021 Nebular Vox, a layer
• PB:024 S&H Pad, a split
• PB:031 Bass / Lead, a split