VS-2400CD: Switching V-Link Mode On

Tags: vs-2400cd,video,v-link
By using V-link compatible video equipment (Edirol DV-7PR), visual effects can easily be linked to, and made part of the expressive elements of a performance. Before switching on V-link, the compatible video device needs to be powered on.

1. Connect the MIDI OUT of the VS-2400CD to the MIDI In on the compatible video device (DV-7PR).

2. Hold down SHIFT and press F4(Utility).

3. Press F6 for "Sync Parameters".

4. Turn the SYNC MODE to "EXT" with the TIME/VALUE dial.

5. Press the V-LINK button.

6. A dialog box will ask to confirm the operation; press ENTER/YES. The V-link button will light when V-link mode is turned on.